Passion, vision, action: 's-Hertogenbosch programme in the field of education and labour market. A presentation by Theo van de Veerdonk.

How can we help students in undestanding their skills and choosing their future career? A toolkit to better understand the right direction.

What do I want? How can I do that? Who can help me? These are only some of the questions students have to ask themselves to understand how to shape their educational path and career. A presentation by Rodenborch College Rosmalen.

Schools have the task of supporting young people in making their career choices. What are the main initiatives in the field of education in Netherlands? A presentation from the third 2Young2Fail Transnational Project Meeting.

Leonor Santos and Jorge Pinto from Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal explain which are the limits of assessment in a pedagogical intervention. Presentation from the workshop delivered during 2Young2fail Training Week in Setúbal.

Dropout is the result of a process by which school converts social inequalities into educational inequalities. What role do gender differences play in it?

Career guidance, learning skills development and socio-emotional coaching: the school vision of Rodenborch College Rosmalen (NL)

The main aim of this social network analysis research project is to gain information on the relationship between peer ties in the classroom and levels of early school leaving risk among the single students.

Early school leaving is complex multisector phenomenon, resulting from a mix of individual, educational and socio-economic factors. What are Portoguese intervention measures for promoting educational inclusion?

What are the fundamentals for building an inclusive school? José Miguel Freitas from Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal speaks about the essential conditions for ensuring access to all students.

Promoting the use of a readily usable programming language in the educational environment is a way to engage young students. A presentation from the workshop delivered by Miguel Figueiredo and João Torres, coordinators of the EduScratch Project at the School of Education - Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal during 2Young2Fail Training Week in Setúbal.

As a subjective experience, engagement encompasses several dimensions, including emotions, cognitions and behaviors. How can we promote students’ educational development in an integrated and holistic perspective? Paulo Moreira from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation explains the importance of students' engagement with school in dropout preventive measures.

What is UK perception of school disengagement? What has and is being done about it? A presentation by Bill Jerman from Hampton Hill Junior School.

According to Save the Children’s perspective, participation is when children and adolescents can think by themselves, express their ideas and points of view and interact in a positive way. How can school ensure students' wellbeing?